What edition of Pacific Drive should I buy?

With strange monsters, supernatural elements, and a fight for survival, Pacific Drive has all the ingredients to be one of the most interesting survival games of 2024. Many people are excited to get into this game which has horror, survival, and even some sci-fi paranormal type stuff going down! It is the kind of game that is going to be story driven so the less you know about the plot, the better. However, there are a couple of different editions of Pacific Drive available and today we are looking at them to help you pick which one is best for you to try and survive this horrific version of the Pacific Northwest! 

When Is It Out & What Is It On?

Pacific Drive is coming to PC on both Steam and the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 5. As of writing, no version of the Xbox Series or Nintendo Switch has been announced. The release date is February 22nd, 2024. 

Is There A Pre-Order Bonus?

Ok, so this is a weird one. If you purchase the game on the PlayStation store before the February 22nd release date, you save 10 percent if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. You also get the same 10 percent saving on Steam, but this offer runs all the way until February 29th

Pacific Drive Standard Edition Digital Only 

The Pacific Drive Standard Edition is available digitally on both the PlayStation 5 and PC with an RRP of $24,99/£24,99. With this, you get the base game. 

Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition Digital

There is also the Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition that is available digitally on both PlayStation 5 and PC. This has a price of $29,99/£29,99 and with this in addition to the base game, you also get access to the We Have Lift Off Customization Pack which gives you some fun customization options to play around with. Customizing your car in Pacific Drive is a big part of the game so this could be something really neat to use. 

Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition Physical

There is also a Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition that is a physical release! This is only on PlayStation 5 and is listed on Amazon for $39,99/£34,99. With this, you get the base game as well as the following items. 

Reversible Cover

Travelers Journal

3 Art Cards

We Have Lift Off Customization Pack 

For just a few extra bucks, we think getting a set of art cards along with the journal and also a reversible cover is pretty awesome. 

What Edition Of Pacific Drive Should I Buy?

We feel that the Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition in its physical form is one of the more underrated deluxe editions this year. You are only being asked to pay a little bit more and you get some neat stuff. If you are loving the vibe and the world that this game is offering, we think this is the version to get. As far as the digital version goes, at the end of the day, it is up to you to decide if you feel the stuff in the Out Of This World Pack is worth the extra few bucks they are asking. 

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