What Edition of Metaphor: ReFantazio Should I Buy?

Atlus has been on fire lately and Metaphor: ReFantazio which is coming on October 11th has people very excited. Brought to us by some of the creative minds behind the Persona series, Metaphor: ReFantazio is looking like it could be the best RPG of 2024! Available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and PC, if you are wondering what the right edition of the game for you is, keep on reading as we are looking at all that are available. 

Is There A Pre-Order Bonus?

Anyone who pre-orders Metaphor: ReFantazio before the October 11th release date will get a couple of in-game bonuses. 

Adventurer’s Journey Pack

  • 30,000 Reeve (In-game currency)
  • 5x Expensive Medicines (Restores 200 HP to one ally)
  • 5x Revival Medicines (Revives an ally)
  • 3x Magical Breads (Gradually recover MP while in dungeon)
  • 2x Stale Blackbreads (Deals heavy Almighty damage to one enemy)

Archetype EXP Chest Set 

  • 10x Hero’s Incenses (Increases Archetype Experiences by 100)
  • 5x Hero’s Fruits (Increases Archetype Experiences by 500)
  • Adventurer’s Journey Pack

This is a couple of handy freebies that make pre-ordering the game worthwhile if you know for sure you want it. 

Metaphor: ReFantazio Standard Edition

If you just want the base game and are not bothered about any extra content or collectible items, the Metaphor: ReFantazio Standard Edition is the way to go. This has an RRP of $69,99/£59,99. However, it is worth noting that if you are buying the game physically, you can find it for less than the RRP. Amazon in the UK for example has it listed at £54,99. Be sure to shop around if you are getting the game physically! 

Metaphor: ReFantazio Digital Anniversary Edition

The Metaphor: ReFantazio is digital only and has an RRP of $99,99/£89,99. This is a great edition if you are a fan of Atlus and the games they have released over the years as one of the best things here is the Atlus 35th Digital History book. A digital soundtrack featuring some of the greatest hits from the Atlus back catalog is also included. You also get several Metaphor: ReFantazio specific digital bonuses as well. 

Metaphor: ReFantazio Base Game

Digital Artbook

Digital Soundtrack

Costume & Battle BGM Set

Atlus 35th Digital History Book

Digital All Time Best Soundtrack

If you are a huge fan of Atlus, getting that digital artbook and all time soundtrack is really cool. However, you are also getting an artbook and a soundtrack for Metaphor: ReFantazio as well. To be fair, the price here is not bad at all, considering all the cool extras you are getting. 

Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector’s Edition

Atlus and Sega always bring it when it comes to a collector’s edition and the Metaphor: ReFantazio has some cool physical goodies for you. This is priced at $149,99/£129,99. We would suggest that if you are interested in this, you jump on this right now as many retailers have sold out of their allocated stock. A few highlights of this are the Homo Tenta Metallic Pin Set, a Metaphor: ReFantazio soundtrack and artbook, a sticker sheet and a cloth map. You also get some epic digital items like the Atlus history and best of digital soundtrack. 

Metaphor: ReFantazio Base Game

Steelbook Case

Physical Soundtrack

Physical Artbook

Costume & Battle BGM Set

Atlus 35th Digital History Book

Digital All Time Best Soundtrack

This is a fantastic set, but if we are being a bit critical, we know many Atlus fans that would have loved for the Atlus 35th Digital History Book and Digital All Time Best Soundtrack to be physical, even if it did increase the price a bit. 

What Edition of Metaphor: ReFantazio Should I Buy?

If you are a massive Atlus fan, chances are you want to buy Metaphor: ReFantazio physically, but you may also want that extra content that comes with the Metaphor: ReFantazio Digital Anniversary Edition. You may want to buy the Standard Edition and wait to see if you can upgrade to get the digital content later. The Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector’s Edition is cool, but as we said, this is selling out fast and people are already trying to flip their pre-orders so we would suggest not sleeping on that edition too long. 

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