what edition of star field should I buy?  

One of the biggest games coming in 2023 is Starfield, it is easily the biggest exclusive title since the Xbox Series launched and it is a game that millions of people all over the world are excited for. Starfield is more than another open world game, this is an open universe game that is brought to us from the same studio that gave us the mainline Elder Scrolls and Fallout games!

Today we are looking at the different versions (as well as some other cool Starfield gear) of Starfield that are available to you so you can make sure you are getting the one that is right for you.

When Is It Out And What Is It On?

Starfield will be released on September 6th (if you get the standard version) for Xbox Series X/S and PC. This is an Xbox exclusive so this is the only place you can play the game!

Is There A Pre-Order Bonus?

Like most major games these days, Starfield does have a few bonuses for you guys that pre-order the game. If you pre-order Starfield before its September 6th release date you will get the following items.

Laster Cutter

Deep Mining Helmet

Deep Mining Pack

Is Starfield On Game Pass?

Like all other major Xbox titles, Starfield will be released on day one on Game Pass. It is also worth noting that if you have a Game Pass subscription, you will also get the pre-order content as well.

Starfield Standard Edition

If you just want to jump into the world of Starfield and actually want to own the game and not just have it as part of your Xbox Game Pass subscription, the Starfield Standard Edition is for you. This is currently listed at $69,99/£69,99 and can be purchased digitally or physically for Xbox.

Starfield: Premium Edition

The Starfield: Premium Edition is priced at $99,99/£99,99 and is digital only. With this, you get some pretty neat items, most notably the later to be released story content as well as being able to play the game five days early. With the Starfield: Premium Edition you get the following items.

5 Days Early Access

Shattered Space Story (when it is released)

Constellation Skin Pack: Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, A Helmet, and a Boost Pack

A Digital Soundtrack

A Digital Artbook

Starfield: Premium Edition Upgrade

If you want a physical copy of Starfield but also want the extra stuff that comes with the digital only Premium Edition, you can purchase the Starfield: Premium Edition Upgrade once you have already pre-ordered your Starfield Standard Edition. With this, you get the content that comes with the Premium Edition Upgrade, but you also get a steelbook case as well as a Constellation patch so you do get a couple of physical items with it. This upgrade is listed at $34,99.

Starfield: Constellation Edition

The main event, big boy ultimate collector’s edition is the Starfield: Constellation Edition, and this is priced at $299,99/£249,99. This thing is stacked! A watch is the premier collectible here, but it has some other neat items as well. The one thing that is a bit disappointing is that you do not get a physical copy of the game with this, you just get the digital code, even though they give you a steelbook case.  With the Starfield: Constellation Edition you get the following items.

Starfield Chronomark Watch

A Special Case For The Watch

Constellation Patch

Steelbook case

You also get all of the digital content including the upcoming story DLC that comes with the Starfield: Premium Edition.

Starfield Limited Edition Controller

One thing that Xbox has done amazingly well is make awesome special and limited edition controllers and there is an epic Starfield: Limited Edition Controller. This is a mainly white controller that has a ships control panel style to it that looks awesome. It has a very classy look to it and the red back and clear triggers really does give it a ton of personality. This is priced at $79,99 and you can get the controller right now!

Starfield Limited Edition Headset

As well as a limited edition controller, you can also get a Starfield Limited Edition Headset that is priced at $124,99. It has the same red and white style as the controller and actually looks like something someone on a starship would wear which is cool. The headset is wireless and twisting the earcup to change the volume is something that is sure to be a lot of fun to do.

What Edition Of Starfield Should I Buy?

If you are a big physical game collector, you will definitely want to make sure you actually buy the Starfield: Standard Edition, you can always upgrade to the Premium Edition if you know that you want the story DLC. Of course, as Starfield is going to be on Game Pass, you can always just play it on there and then decide if you want to “actually” add the game to your collection. The Starfield: Constellation Edition is for those of you that love your collectors’ editions and who have been hyped for Starfield for a very long time! That is one awesome looking watch, but only you can decide if it is worth the price of admission!

No matter what, Starfield is a must play game if you are an Xbox Series gamer and you only have a few months to wait!

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