Street Fighter 6 5 tips and tricks

Street Fighter 6 has proven to be a massive success in its early days! The game is awesome, it is packed with content and is just so much fun to play, no matter what your experience with the Street Fighter franchise is. Today we are looking at 5 tips and tricks that will help you get the best out of Street Fighter 6.

These tips are in relation to the Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode

Picking Your Master

One of the best things about the World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6 is how our created character can work with all the characters in the game in a master/student capacity. It is from these masters that you learn your fighting style. Now, fighting style and special moves are not linked. If you use all of Ken’s special moves, but use the fighting style of Luke, it will be Luke that you get XP for. You are best picking your fighting style and master as one at first, maxing them out, and then using the leftover XP to then level up the other masters.

Do Not Be Scared To Mix Up Your Special Moves

Now, no doubt many people will want to just have all their special moves based on the character that they like to play as in the other game modes. However, you can get some crazy move sets in Street Fighter 6 that can give you a major edge in battle as you have moves that pretty much cover you in every regard. Just imagine having the power of the Spinning Pile Driver and also the range attack of a Hadouken! Mixing up your special moves not only makes you a more dangerous fighter, but it also can make fights so much more fun!

Take Advantage Of Challenges

Rolling up to someone in Street Fighter 6 and taking them on is basically what World Tour Mode is all about. However, there are extra challenges that you can do in many (most of actually) fights that can lead to some pretty epic bonuses. Before you take on a fight, you can press a button to see what the challenge entails. For example, you may have to hit a certain combo or nail a specific special move. You can get extra XP, new gear, and more by completing a challenge.

Metro City Is There To Be Explored!

Capcom clearly has a lot of pride in this huge Metro City that they have created and for good reason too, it is an awesome and fun setting. However, the fast travel in this game is rather interesting in that we have to “activate” all of the fast travel points. You want to do this as much as possible so you can quickly get from point A to point B. At first, you will want to explore every nook and cranny to not just fun the fast travel points, but shops, characters, and other important stuff as well.

Fights In World Tour Mode Can Be Different

World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6 is a lot of fun, but the actual fighting is a bit different. Yes, it is still you going head to head with an opponent, but there are some neat things in the battles in World Tour Mode that can give you a real edge in battle. To start with, you can use items mid fight to heal yourself or even give you a buff! This can be really handy if you have stumbled into a fight your character is not prepared for. There is also the pressure time mechanic to watch out for, when an enemy flashes white, you need to attack them as they are vulnerable, and if you nail them with a special move, you can stun them!

We hope that these Street Fighter 6 tips and tricks will help you on your crazy journey in Metro City. World Tour Mode is just so much fun and in all honesty, you will have the most fun with it, if you play it as if it is an RPG as that is what it basically is. The best advice we can give you is to just have fun with this mode and go with the flow, it is a wild and insane ride, but it is a very good ride to be on!

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