Persona 4 Golden 5 essential beginner tips and tricks

Many people consider Persona 4 Golden to be one of the greatest JRPGs of all time and now it is pretty much available on everything! One really cool thing about this latest release is that it is available on Xbox Game Pass. However, it is also now on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, not to mention it was also released on PC a couple of years back.

Today, we are looking at some beginner tips and tricks to help you out and make sure you are getting the best out of your first few hours in Persona 4 Golden.

Fusing Is The Way To Go

As is the case with other Persona games, Persona 4 Golden will have you wanting to fuse pretty much every Persona that you come across in the game. Now, you may be of the thinking “I love this Persona, I will keep it throughout the whole game” the thing is, do not get attached to Personas in this game! Pretty much all fusions in the game will be better than what you had at first so you are actually hurting yourself by not fusing!

Prioritizing The Right Social Links

What is a Persona game without social links? However, in Persona 4 Golden, social linking is a bit different. To be honest with you the only social links you want to advance are the ones that are in your party as they are the only ones that will actually make a difference to gameplay. Apart from your party, the only other social link that you want to dedicate any time to is the fox social link which you can start in early May.

Grind As Much As You Can Before The First Boss

Persona 4 Golden is a very challenging game, but surprisingly one of the hardest parts of the game is the first dungeon boss you encounter. The reason that this boss is so tough is that you have not really had a chance to do much fusing or leveling up. That is why before you get to this point, grind as much as you can so you are best prepared. More than a few players have gotten to this boss fight and quit the game, being prepared as best you can will make it a much less frustrating experience!

Get As Much SP As You Can

If you are coming from Persona 5 to Person 4 Golden you may be shocked at how hard it can be to have a regular supply of SP! One way to do it is to stock up on Tap Soda when you get the chance. However, the best thing to do is to find a Persona that has a skill that will give you SP after a battle has ended. Also, if you complete the fox social link, you can find him after this in dungeons and he will restore your SP, although it does have a price!

No Shame In Playing On Easy

As we just said, this is a challenging game, but with this new release of Persona 4 Golden, one of the improvements that have been made is letting you pick your difficulty at the start of the game. This was something you could not do until your second playthrough in the original game. You can put the game on easy or even very easy if you are more focused on wanting to enjoy the epic story that is being told than the gameplay.

For as great a game as Persona 4 Golden is, it is arguably one of the most challenging in the series, especially the early game and getting past that first boss. However, it is also a game that is so rewarding with a truly excellent story and a cast of characters that you will never forget so stick with it and you will have a great time

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