Dead Space Remake – 5 Beginner tips and tricks

To say that the Dead Space Remake is awesome is a huge understatement. It is one of, if not the best game to come out in January 2023 and it surpasses what the original did. It is creepier, plays better, gets rid of some of the frustrating elements and it is a shining example for all developers when it comes to remaking a beloved game.

Still, as fun, as the Dead Space Remake is, it can be pretty challenging and that is why we have 5 beginner tips and tricks to help you survive the Necromorph hell that you have found yourself in!

Always Check For Enemies!

The Necromorphs of the Dead Space Remake are some of the creepiest monsters that you will ever encounter in a game. It is just so unsettling when one pops out in front of you and it can be very easy to panic! Want to know what is even more unsettling that the one in front of you? The one to the right of you and the one behind you that you did not see! Usually, these things attack in at least a pair so make sure that when you spot one, if you can before you open fire have a quick 360 to see if there are more closing in.

Spread The Nodes!

As you progress through the Dead Space Remake you will gain access to nodes and these are what you will be using to upgrade your equipment. It can be tempting to just throw your eggs all in one basket with one weapon, but this is a mistake. You see in this game, it is very generous with the ammo that it drops, but it always drops random ammo for random weapons. You are best trying to upgrade the power and ammo capacity of multiple weapons rather than fully upgrading just one.

Pick Up Your Rewards After A Good Stomp!

As we said, the Dead Space Remake is very generous with what it gives you, when you kill an enemy, you usually get some kind of reward. Stomping an enemy in the Dead Space Remake is awesome. First of all, you know for sure that they are dead. Also, it makes a very satisfying crunch and squish sound and also, and it will often pop out some ammo. Be sure to always check any Necromorph that you have downed to see if it is giving out any rewards for your slaughter!

Stasis And Kinesis Are Useful And Fun To Use

While slicing up Necromorphs with a plasma cutter is ever so satisfying, Isaac has some other neat abilities that he can make use of. Stasis is really handy for slowing doors down and being key to some puzzles. However, you can also use it to slow down a rampaging Necromorph as you pick its limbs off one by one! Likewise, kinesis is another ability that is fun to use, but also very useful. You can actually fire back the spikes that a Necromorph fires at you. You can even pick up their severed limbs and use them, this not only can save ammo, but it is badass as well!

Head Towards The Light

The original Dead Space looked amazing, but the Dead Space Remake takes it to a whole new level. This is a game that looks amazing, but most areas are very, very dark. To be fair this is by design and it does make things even more tense. However, it can be hard to see things, but the game does give you some clues. Anytime you see some kind of little light, go over to it to investigate. A green light is money, a white light is health or ammo, and a rectangular light is going to be a locker. If you know what to look for, you will recognize something useful from a mile away!

The Dead Space Remake is a fantastic game and it is a game that is just so much fun to play. We hope our Dead Space Remake tips will get you on the right track and help you get through this nightmare! The more you play, the more comfortable you get at slicing up Necromorphs and using their own jagged limbs against them!

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