Dead Island 2 5 Tips and Tricks

After what feels like forever, Dead Island 2 is finally here and those who have played the game for the most part are having a great time zombie slaying through Hell-A. While on the surface Dead Island 2 may look like a simple hack and slash style of game, it is far more challenging than you would think. Do not worry though, today we are looking at some simple tips and tricks that can help you survive this zombie outbreak!

Weapon Stats Really Do Matter

There are a ton of fun weapons that you can find and make in Dead Island 2 and it can be very tempting to just use the one with the highest damage stat. However, just because a weapon is powerful does not mean it is useful in all situations. Weapons have three other stats that are just as important to consider as damage. Force dictates how much stamina you use with each swing and speed is how long each swing takes. There is no point using a powerful weapon if it takes an age to swing and also leaves you with no stamina, this is especially true when you are surrounded!

Stomping Zombie Heads Is Fun And Useful

The over the top gore and the way you can break bones and cut off limbs is one of the most fun aspects of Dead Island 2! However, when you knock a zombie down and it has less than half its health you may get the chance to stomp on its head to finish it off! First of all, this is so much fun and very satisfying. Also, if you do this, it saves you from damaging your weapons and when this animation is happening, you cannot be harmed by zombies so it can be useful if you are being swarmed on.

The Best Offense Is A Strong Defense

While Dead Island 2 is an absolute blast when you are hacking and slashing and just causing all kinds of mayhem. That will only get you so far, you really need to make use and learn the defensive options that are at your disposal and you are best doing this as early in the game as possible. If you time a block or a dodge just right, you can stun an enemy and then dish out a counterattack that is a lot of fun and looks awesome, but also causes maximum damage too! Also, when used with the right skill cards, you can get health back when you perform a counter!

Never Miss Out On Supplies And Cash!

One thing that is really neat and useful in Dead Island 2 is the inventory system. They allow you to carry up to 99 pieces of each type of material in the game. There are materials all over the place here, in drawers, hidden in plain sight, and so on. It is always recommended that you have a sweep through each new area for any materials and then do it again once you have fended off all the zombies in the area. You also need a lot of cash in Dead Island 2. Cash is essential for repairs and also your upgrades. Wallets contain cash and they can be found all over the place so be sure to walk over them to pick them up.

Kill All Of The Special Zombies!

A huge part of the fun in Dead Island 2 is the hacking, slashing, and dismembering of the zombies. However, after a while, you may find yourself just wanting to run past zombies and get from A to B in order to complete an objective. That is fine, but always take the time to kill a special named zombie or one of the mutated ones as you get some epic rewards for doing this. The named zombies will usually give you some kind of key so you can open a chest or safe. The mutated zombies will give you body parts that can be used for weapon upgrades. It is always best to take the time to kill any special enemies that you come across in the game, even if you are in a rush to get somewhere.

So, there you have it, 5 Dead Island tips and tricks to get you started on the right foot in Hell-A. Dead Island 2 is a lot of fun and with these tips, you can make sure that you are having fun in the early game and prepared for the more difficult sections that are set to come!

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