Bayonetta 3 10 beginners Tips and Tricks  

The Nintendo Switch is finishing 2022 really strong and one of its best titles is the very long awaited, Bayonetta 3! Seriously this thing took so long that there were some people that were convinced it had been canceled! While Nintendo did re-release Bayonetta 1 and 2 for the Nintendo Switch, there are sure to be many people who are coming into Bayonetta 3 as first timers.

That is why today we are looking at Bayonetta 3, 10 beginners tips and tricks to help people get started on their witchy adventure on the right stiletto wearing foot!

You Can Tone It Down If You Want

Ok, so this is crazy to us as the risqué and naughty side of the Bayonetta series is one of the most fun things about it! However, if for whatever reason, you want the game to be let’s just say “less lewd” you can turn on Naïve Angel Mode which tones down the gore, violence, and more naughty scenes.

Even A Witch Can Use A Helping Hand

To be honest with you, Bayonetta 3 (and the rest of the series) is not a terribly difficult game on the normal difficulty setting. However, if you want a helping hand or if you just want to enjoy the story without worrying about the game being too challenging. You can turn on an option that will make combos pretty much automatic which can take care of enemies very easily without you having to worry about moving around.

Practice Makes Perfect

Bayonetta 3 has one of the best practice modes of any game that we have seen. To be fair, Bayonetta 1 and 2 had a good way to practice your moves too, but these were there to hide those lengthy load times. When Bayonetta 3 is loading, you can press pause and enter a practice mode. This is really handy for practicing some of her trickier moves to pull off like ones where you have to rotate the analog stick for example.

A Red Hot Shot Can Save Your Butt

Bayonetta loves nothing more than sucking on a lollipop and they are used for things like health and other bonuses. The Gates of Hell is where she does all her shopping, but there is one item, in particular, you will always want to have on you and that is a Red Hot Shot, this will revive her if she dies. If you use one, make sure you buy another before the next stage starts!

Master Witch Time As Early As Possible

While Bayonetta 3 is a balls to the wall action game, defense actually plays a massive part in the combat. When you dodge at just the right time, you enable Witch Time. This is basically bullet time which slows things down and lets you do some major damage. It is a lot of fun to use and this is probably the skill that you need to master the earliest!

Guns Are All Style No Substance

Is there anyone in gaming who looks cooler while shooting than Bayonetta? We do not think so and she looks even cooler than ever in Bayonetta 3! The thing is, her guns are incredibly weak and while you can upgrade them, it is actually a waste of skill points, you are far better spending them anywhere else and just upgrading your ranged attacks once everything else is upgraded.

Never Just Go From A To B

Bayonetta 3 features much larger environments than the last two games. Sure it is far from being an open world, but there are much more secrets to be found. From health upgrades to currency and more. Looking around before completing the main objective is never a bad idea. Of course, you can always come back to a level once you have completed it if you prefer to explore that way.

Hidden Trials And Verses

In sticking with the exploration thing for a moment. There are two types of special missions that are hidden in the various locations that can give immense rewards. There are hidden verses that are basically a tougher fight, but completing it will go toward your score at the end of a stage. Hidden trails are much tougher and these usually have you in a fight where you have a certain objective you need to complete in a time frame. The rewards here can be great and you can keep on doing them to stock up if you wish!

Use Witch Time To Get More Time With Your Demon Slaves

One of the coolest additions in Bayonetta 3 is the Demon Slaves. She could do summons in the past games, but this tended to be in boss battles and during the cut scenes. Bayonetta 3 lets you summon them whenever you like, but the catch is they drain your magic meter and they drain it fast! The thing is, Witch Time (which we talked about earlier) can quickly recharge your magic meter so be sure to get into Witch Time as frequently as possible!

Do Not Beat Yourself Up Over Your Score

It may seem disheartening to get a bronze trophy at the end of a stage, but do not worry about it. You see, Bayonetta 3 is the kind of game that is designed to be played over and over again. If on your first playthrough you miss a few hidden verses, struggle with some levels and end up getting not the best collection of trophies at the end of it, do not worry! A huge part of the fun of Bayonetta 3 is running through levels again when you are stronger and more skilled so that you can try and get the best score possible. The better score/trophy you get at the end of a level, the better rewards you will earn which makes you want to play through it even more!

Final Thoughts

To be honest with you, Bayonetta is a game with a pretty fair difficulty. There may be some enemies and sections that give you a bit of trouble, but for the most part, this is a game that you just get better and better at the more you play it. So the best advice we can actually give you is to just play the game, have fun and it will all click!

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