10 Beginner Tips and Tricks for God of War Ragnarök

Is there a more exciting release in 2022 than God of War Ragnarök? The game is now here and for some people, as it has been five years since we last went on a rampage with Kratos may need a little refresher course on what to do! With that in mind, today we have some neat tips and tricks for those of you who are new to the series or those who are a little rusty.

If You Can Smash It, Smash It!

Hacksilver is the currency in God of War Ragnarök and it can be awarded in many different ways. However, smashing barrels, crates and anything else that you can, will help towards your hacksilver total. Also, you can get stuff like health and rage stones from smashing the random stuff that is littered around the world.

Letting It Rain With Hacksilver

With so much cool armor and gear in God of War Ragnarök, you may think that it is wise to stick with what you have for as long as possible and wait for the better stuff to come. That is crazy! Hacksilver is something that is not in short supply (especially if you take our advice on what we said just before!) so use it as often as you can and upgrade your equipment every chance you get. It is very unlikely that you will ever be short of hacksilver.

Making Easy Money

One way that you can make some decent money in the game is by selling stuff! You will get a lot of new gear as you progress in God of War Ragnarök. Once you get a new bit of armor that surpasses your current one and the same with weapons. There is no point holding onto this stuff, you may as well sell it and make some hacksilver from it.

Never Be Scared To Stray Off The Beaten Path

While God of War Ragnarök is not what you would call an “open world” game. It does have a lot of exploration for you to do. More often than not if you decide to deviate from the most straightforward path, you will be rewarded with some kind of reward. This is a game that you will not just want to run from objective to objective, if you do, you will be missing out on stuff that can help you as well as stuff that can expand the lore.

Resurrection Stones Are A Must

Our two buddies, Brock and Sindri will give you a resurrection stone, you can only have one on you at a time, but this is an absolute must! These can give you a second wind and one last fighting chance if you fall in battle. They are very handy for tougher boss battles and so on. If you use one, getting another in your bad ASAP needs to be on your to do list!

Using Your Arsenal

Some people once they got the Blades of Chaos in the last God of War game just stuck with them until the end unless a puzzle called for the use of the Leviathan Axe. In God of War Ragnarök, you once again can use both weapons and it is way more fun to switch between the two. Certain weapons are better for certain types of enemies and learning this early on can make taking out hordes of enemies much easier for you.

Look Out For The Red Arrow

As you are playing the game a red and yellow arrow will appear. The yellow arrow means that an enemy is close, but the red arrow means that the enemy is aware of you and attacking. If it is red, you are in danger so make sure you are facing it head on. It will eventually become second nature to turn around when you see this red arrow to stop whatever it is from attacking you.

Be A Tree Hugger!

One of the most fun new things in God of War Ragnarök is that Kratos can use a ton of stuff that is laying around the game world as a weapon. Environmental attacks are so much fun in this game, especially the way you can rip a tree out of the ground and smack an enemy in the face with it!

Sharpening Up Your Skills

Remember earlier when we encouraged you to spend your hacksilver as freely as possible? Well, that rings true for the skill points as well. Both Kratos and Atreus have various skill trees and rather than sitting on those XP points, use them as often as possible and make sure that both Kratos and Atreus are taking advantage of new skills!

Use Your Elemental Attacks!

One cool ability in God of War Ragnarök is the elemental attacks. When you hold down the attack button, it charges your attack and as you progress through the game you can use this to utilize different elemental damage such as fire and ice. It is fun to use and in the right circumstances can dish out some major damage.

Final Thoughts

God of War Ragnarök is such an awesome, epic, and fun game that truth be told the best advice that we can give you is to just play the game. This is the kind of game that gets you into a real groove as you play it and the more you play it, the more skilled you will become. Before long you will be smashing an enemy with an axe and then quickly turn around, get out the Blades of Chaos and start slashing away!

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