5 Tips and tricks for Pikmin 4  

The Nintendo Switch has a stacked 2023 and one of the biggest and best games is Pikmin 4! This is just so much fun and more than a few Pikmin fans are saying that this is the best game to date. While Pikmin 4 is not exactly the most challenging game that has ever been made, we still felt like we could point new players in the right direction so that they start their journey off on the right foot and make life much more easier for you.

You Can Turn Back Time

One neat feature in Pikmin 4 that is there for you to use or to not, depending on how you want to play the game is rewinding time. If you make a mistake while trying to get a piece of treasure or solve a puzzle or if a whole bunch of your Pikmin end up dead and you cannot be bothered going to get more, rewinding time in the menu is there to help you out. Of course, those who want a more “difficult” challenge can choose to ignore this altogether.

Color Matching Your Pikmin = More Pikmin

Having a huge reserve of Pikmin is pretty much key in this game and you want to build it at the start of each mission as quickly as possible. However, one neat little tip is that you can double your Pikmin by having the same color of Pikmin carrying back the same color of pellet. So, a red pellet carried by a blue Pikmin will get you one Pikmin, but if it were a red Pikmin carrying it, you would get two! Eventually all these little “tricks” to maximize the amount of Pikmin you have will become second nature.

Oatchi Is A Good Boy So Reward Him!

One of the most charming aspects of Pikmin 4 is Oatchi. This loveable dog is just so awesome and not only is he super cute, but he is also an incredibly useful part of your arsenal. When you visit Captain Shephard at the campsite, you can upgrade Oatchi to make him even more useful, powerful, and awesome! Bottom line, make a real effort to upgrade Oatchi as quickly as you can and the later part of the game will be an even bigger breeze. His rush, chomp, and swimming abilities are what you are best off upgrading first. Sticking with upgrades, as well as Oatchi upgrades, you want to make sure you get the Homesick Signal which will send your Pikmin back to the ship, and the Idler’s Alert which will summon them to you. These two upgrades along with the three for Oatchi we mentioned will make life so much easier for you.

Auto Selecting Pikmin In A Cave is A Real Time Saver

The caves in Pikmin 4 are pretty much the dungeons of this game and they are pretty neat and a nice little twist to the gameplay. The thing is, before you go into a cave/dungeon, you have to select what Pikmin you want to take with you and if you get it wrong, you have to come out, change and then go back in. In all honesty, it is a hassle and completely unnecessary. Even more so as you can have the game auto select the Pikmin for you and it always makes sure that you have the right Pikmin you need for what the cave/dungeon has in store. Now if all these Pikmin survive, that is up to you!

Use Your Survey Drone At The Start Of Each Stage!

One of the most useful items at your disposal in Pikmin 4 is the Survey Drone. This allows you to zoom around the map and get a lay of the land as well as a look at what hazards and creatures may be around. It gives you a good indication of what Pikmin to take with you and where to go and you can even spot some treasure on occasion too. This pauses the game when you use it so there is no kind of negative for using this at the start of each stage.

Pikmin 4 is a truly fun and exciting game and one that is just such a pleasure to play. It is not the most difficult game in the world, but it is one of the most charming and with our simple starter tips for you today, we are sure that you will be blasting off into space with your fellow little astronauts in no time at all!

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