Dead Island 2 5 things I hate, is it worth buying review?

The term “development hell” gets thrown around a lot, but that term could not be any more fitting for Dead Island 2… which is technically Dead Island 3, but let’s just let that one go. Look, Dead Island 2 is one of 2023’s big hitters, many people were excited about this, and for good reason. The game is actually good, it is a fun zombie slaying time and it has a lot going for it, but it does have a few annoyances and that is what we are looking at today, and if these make a difference to if you should buy it or not.

The Gunplay Doesn’t Feel Too Great

Dead Island 2’s combat is at its very best when you are bludgeoning or slashing a zombie to death! The way that you can break bones, hack off limbs, and just destroy what stands in front of you is a ton of fun and probably the highlight of the game. However, Dead Island 2 also has plenty of guns, but the guns are nowhere near as satisfying. Aiming down sights particularly feels very weird and in general, the guns feel like a tacked on afterthought.

The NPCs Could Be More “Personal”

There are a great cast of characters to play as in Dead Island 2 and some hilarious characters that you will come across in the story. The story does not take itself too seriously and while it may have some over the top humor, it pulls it off for the most part. The writing and voice acting are great, but there is one area that could have been better and that is the way the NPCs talk to the character you are playing as. They say the same thing to every character, it would have been so much better if each character got a different spin on the dialogue to make it more personal to them and also make repeat play throughs that extra bit special.

The Game Gets Pretty Repetitive

We just talked about how the hand to hand combat of Dead Island 2 was the highlight of the game and we stand by that. This is a game that is a great deal of fun and it is a game you can get into a zen like state with as you are slaying hordes of zombies. However, we do also have to say that you pretty much see all of what Dead Island 2 has to offer after the first few hours. The story, the characters, and the locations may change, but the gameplay structure does not. This may lead to some people finding it a bit repetitive.

The Weapon Crafting Seems Kind Of Pointless

Crafting weapons in the original Dead Island was crucial, your weapons would break all the time and it added to the survival element. In Dead Island 2, you can craft a ton of crazy weapons and that can be fun. However, you are best just finding one weapon that you love to use and upgrading the hell out of it! You can then pretty much get the whole way through the game with that weapon and never have to worry about crafting a new one again.

Why Are So Many Of The Lockboxes Locked?

Dead Island 2 is the kind of game that is designed to be played once you have beaten it. This is most evident by the many lockboxes that are around the different areas. It is crazy, but only around 10 percent of these can be opened during your first playthrough! The rest are locked until the campaign has been beaten! This would not be so bad, but you can get these badass legendary weapons once you have beaten the game which are better than the ones you can find in the lockboxes so it makes them kind of pointless.

Is Dead Island 2 Worth Buying?

To be honest with you, the issues we have with the game are really minor gripes at best. The only thing that we could see being an issue is the game becoming repetitive. However, on the flip side of this, that repetitive gameplay could also be what makes this such an addictive game for many people. If Dead Island 2 hooks you after the first two hours, it is fair to say it will have you hooked until the end.

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