5 things I hate Like a dragon Ishin – is it worth buying?

One of the top games released in the early part of 2023 is Like a Dragon: Ishin! The latest part of the Yakuza series and a remaster of a game that was originally released all the way back in 2014 on the PlayStation 3 and 4. Many people loved the heck out of the more RPG focused, Yakuza: Like a Dragon and this is more of that. It has a fantastic ancient Japanese setting, a story about samurai, and some of the most fun swordplay you will ever see. However, there are a few things about the game that can be a tad frustrating and that is what we are looking at today. Ultimately are the 5 things I hate about Like a Dragon: Ishin bad enough to make this a game that is hard to recommend? Let’s find out!

The Blacksmith Requires A Lot Of Money!

Upgrading your gear is something that you will need to do in Like A Dragon: Ishin. However, like most RPGs, this game is going to make you work for it. The blacksmith who you will become rather acquainted with as you play the game requires money and resources in order to upgrade your equipment for you. Some of the materials are dropped at random from enemies which can be frustrating if you are looking for something really specific. To be fair, this is not all that bad, but it does mean you will have to do a fair bit of grinding to upgrade your gear.

The Gunplay Feels Unsatisfying

The combat in Like a Dragon: Ishin is fantastic, playing as a samurai and using a sword is awesome and some of the battles, especially against bosses require some real strategy. To be fair, saying that the gunplay is unsatisfying is a bit on the harsh side as it is not “bad”. However, it is certainly nowhere near as much fun as using a sword and to be honest with you, they could have taken guns out of the game and it would not have lost anything in the process.

The Need To Know!

One of the things that got many people (us included) very excited about Like a Dragon: Ishin was the awesome ancient 1800s Japan setting. This makes things very interesting and undoubtedly cool, but the game could perhaps have done a bit better in explaining things a bit better for those who are not super into samurai movies! For example, there are different kinds of samurai in the game, but it never goes into any real detail about what makes them different. Stuff like this would have actually been interesting to know.

A Little Light On The Crazy

Do not get us wrong, Like a Dragon: Ishin still has its fair share of crazy stuff going on. However, for the most part, this is a bit more toned down than what we got with the last Like a Dragon game as well as most of the Yakuza titles as well. For the majority of the game, it feels like the story is played mostly straight and serious and it is not really until the closing parts of the game that it truly embraces its more wacky and crazy side which is a bit of a shame.

There Is A Difficulty Spike Towards The End

Like past Yakuza and even the last, Like a Dragon game, Like a Dragon: Ishin is not a game you will be beating quickly or easily, even just running through the main story is going to take you over 20 hours! However, the enemies in the later part of the game are way tougher (which is to be expected to be fair), and beating them really does require the right weapon and gear upgrades which are expensive and require a great deal of grinding to get (as we said earlier) if you also want to 100 percent this game, the grind here is one that only the most die-hard of fans will probably want to stick out.

Is Like a Dragon: Ishin Worth Buying?

If you enjoyed the last game, 100 percent yes, Like a Dragon: Ishin is worth buying. While the title of this article today is 5 things I hate about Like a Dragon: Ishin, to be fair, none of these are major complaints that ruin the game! This is a fun and exciting experience with perhaps the coolest setting that we have seen in this series so far!

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