5 Things I hate About Pikmin 4 is it worth buying  

Pikmin 4 is one of many blockbuster titles for the Nintendo Switch in 2023. It is THE Nintendo Switch game of summer 2023 and to be honest with you, it is great! For the most part, Pikmin 4 is another Nintendo smash hit and a game that people are falling in love with all over the world. We would wager that there is a whole generation of people who are playing this as their first Pikmin game which is awesome to think about.

As much as we love what Nintendo has done with Pikmin 4, there are a few things that we are not keen on and that is what we are looking at today and if these are big enough reasons to make you not want to buy the game.

Multiplayer In Story Mode Kind Of Sucks

Technically you can play through Pikmin 4 with a friend, but the experience is as shallow as you can get. Only one player gets to control our adorable little spaceman friend and the Pikmin. Player 2’s involvement is nothing more than moving a cursor around the screen, throwing stuff at enemies! It is like in Super Mario Galaxy, but it is somehow even lamer here! We cannot imagine whoever player 2 is sticking around for long here as it is so boring and loses its appeal very quickly.

There Is No Online Multiplayer

To be fair, Pikmin 3 did not have any kind of online multiplayer either, but you would have thought that by the fourth game in the series (technically fifth if you count Pikmin 3 Deluxe on the Switch) that Nintendo would have offered some kind of online multiplayer mode. While playing through story mode in multiplayer sucks, the Dandori Battle mode is kind of fun and it gives you a few different ways to play as against a friend or teaming up with them. However, you can only play this mode in local co-op.

It Is A Very Easy Game

Ok, so you could argue that this is one of the positives of Pikmin 4. However, if you are expecting brain teasing puzzles that will really test your limits, Pikmin 4 is not the game for you. This is a very “chill” kind of game and that is a huge part of why people love it. It is the kind of game that you can just sink back into your couch with or lay on the bed and relax and just play. It is fun, and it is charming, but it is not going to pose you much of a challenge at all. To be fair, this does make Pikmin 4 a game that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone no matter what their gaming skills are.

Nothing Radically New Here

Look, Pikmin 4 is great, we love it, we really do. However, even the most diehard Pikmin fan has to admit that there is nothing groundbreakingly new here. We will give you that Oatchi is awesome and we love him just as much as you do. Yet, those who played Pikmin 3 on the Wii U or even Pikmin 3 Deluxe on the Switch will have a real familiarity when playing this. While that is not necessarily a bad thing as Pikmin being Pikmin is what we love about it, but a few more risks would have been nice to see in the gameplay department, especially as you get towards the end of the game where it is still a lot of fun, but you may start to feel like you have seen many of the things you have to do multiple times before.

More Nintendo Nostalgia Please

We love it when Nintendo embraces their history and it is something that they need to do more. Any longtime Nintendo fan surely got a huge kick out of seeing that amazingly recreated Gameboy Advance SP in Pikmin 4! It was so much fun and it is an awesome little nod to the history of Nintendo. To be honest with you, we wanted so much more of this, it really did whet the appetite for more Nintendo Nostalgia in games and we think that having little Nintendo figures and a whole bunch more Nintendo nostalgia in this game would have made an already very charming game, even more charming!

Is Pikmin 4 Worth Buying

100 percent yes, Pikmin 4 is a game that is worth buying. Over the summer there is arguably no other Nintendo Switch game that deserves your time more than Pikmin 4. It is easily the best Pikmin game to date, but we will admit for the next one, Nintendo needs to change things up a bit! While the multiplayer options are limited at best, as a single player experience, this is going to be one of the most charming and memorable ones you have with your Nintendo Switch this year!

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