5 Most disappointing games of 2022

We have had some amazing games released in 2022, but that is not what we are here to talk about today! Today we are looking at the 5 most disappointing games of 2022. Now we are not saying that these games are straight up bad, but they did fail to live up to the hype and expectation that many gamers had for them!

5 – Nintendo Switch Sports

With the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle when they made Wii Sports. They have tried to recapture this magic a few times since and never quite pulled it off. This rings true for Nintendo Switch Sports as well! Like a few other Nintendo games, Nintendo Switch Sports suffered from a lack of content at launch. It is a fun game when played with others, but it was like they wanted people to play this online rather than in the same room with each other. While passable, there was also something off with the Joy-Con motion controls as well. This can be fun, but you feel like it could be so much better with just a little bit more work!

4 – Mario Strikers: Battle League

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Mario Strikers: Battle League is that this is a damn fine arcade football/soccer game. It feels great to play, has responsive controls and if you are playing this with other people it can be a ton of fun. However, there is a severe lack of content in this game! There is next to nothing to do if you plan on playing this as a single player. Plus, the roster feels completely lacking in comparison to what we have got in past games. Nintendo is still supporting the game so it could turn out great and the potential is there. However, we cannot ignore the bare-bones state this was released in.

3 – Dying Light 2 Stay Human

If you enjoyed the first Dying Light, chances are you will enjoy Dying Light 2: Stay Human. The game looks great, has a large open world for you to explore, and once again, running from and dealing with zombie hordes (especially at night) can be thrilling. However, one area where this game really falls flat is the story. It feels very basic, but it is ultimately the terrible voice acting that makes what should be an epic story about survival end up feeling more like a joke. Like other games on this list, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is not a bad game, but it could have been so much better.

2 – Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is most certainly not a terrible game. It has a decent story; lets you play as four characters and it has some excellent performances from the voice actors. However, while the gameplay loop of beating up bad guys, getting loot, and getting stronger can be fun. The game has some issues. To start with the framerate is not great and can be all over the place. The enemy variety is very lacking, Gotham City may look fantastic, but it feels very empty and the whole game just feels like it needed a bit longer in development to live up to its potential.

1 – Saints Row

The Saints Row games were always a ton of fun, open world games with a kooky story that did not take themselves too seriously. With the Saints Row reboot, Saints Row 2022, or whatever you want to call it, Deep Silver completely got it wrong. While there is humor here, it is like they tried to walk a fine line between being silly and serious at the same time. The game design feels very, very dated and it ends up feeling like you do the same few missions over and over again. However, the game at launch was a buggy mess with many missions having to be started over due to some kind of glitch! You do have to wonder if this relaunch has killed the Saints Row franchise!

So those are our most disappointing games of 2022. Some of these are actually decent games and with a bit more fine tuning could have been great! However, ultimately they ended up leaving us feeling disappointed and with a feeling that they could have been so much better.

What do you think?

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