5 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Hi-Fi Rush

To say that the release of Hi-Fi Rush was a massive surprise is a huge understatement. Most of us had no idea that this game was in the works when it was shown at the recent Xbox Bethesda showcase. Many thought that it looked cool, but then they hit us with the fact that the game was being released that same day! High-Fi Rush is a fun 3rd person rhythm based action game with a fun sense of humor and a gorgeous cell shaded art style that brings it all to life.

This can be a rather tricky game so today we have five beginner tips and tricks for High-Fi Rush to get you on the right track.

Destroy All Boxes!

This should go without saying, but any time you come across some kind of box or wooden crate, destroy it. By doing this you will get gears and gears are what you need to buy new movies, upgrades, items, and so on. If you make sure to do this, the game is actually very generous with the number of gears it gives you. On the other hand, green boxes/crates have health in them so be sure to destroy them whenever they show up.

Felling The Beat

High-Fi Rush is a rhythm based game and once you get into the groove and feel the beat, it all kind of just clicks. However, it can take a while to get used to, but with the press of a button, you can bring up a bar that is on the bottom of the screen that shows you the beat the whole time you are playing, making it much easier to find the beat and stay with it. It can be a good idea to have this on when you start the game and even if you end up losing the beat at some point it can come in really handy.

Getting In Close With Your Buddies

In High-Fi Rush, eventually, you will get a couple of people that you work with. If you press LT, you can change which character is with you at that time and the color of 808 (the little cat) will change to showcase this. You can use a character’s ability with RT. Peppermint for example can shoot enemy shields and break things that are in your way. However, you have to be standing in a pretty specific spot for her to do this. You will know you are in the right spot when her picture shows up on the screen and it says RT. If you know that you have to use a friend’s ability, but their picture is not on the screen, you are out of range!

Do Not Be Scared To Explore

While High-Fi Rush is certainly not what you would classify as an open world style of game. There is still some exploration to be had here. You can usually tell if you can go off the beaten path as there will be an opening or some kind of way to get up high. It is always worth exploring as you can find more gears, health, and even chips which come in really handy for extra upgrades as you progress through the game.

Getting With The Beat!

Pretty much everything in High-Fi Rush revolves around fighting the beat! It is one thing to hack and slash your way through the game, but you also have to be with the beat when you are parrying and dodging too. It is possible to be a bit out of time with these defensive moves, but you really want to get with these as you are rewarded for being perfect with the beat. Parrying in particular can be very challenging, but it is essential to get good at it as some bosses and tougher enemies require you to parry before you can strike them.

High-Fi Rush is such an awesome game and the way that they were able to get it out to us without anyone really knowing was so much fun! The game is a blast to play and to be honest with you, once you do get the hang of it and figure out how to be one with the beat, it all kind of flows perfectly.

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