5 beginner tips and tricks for Gotham Knight

While it got a lot of criticism (some of it deserved) Gotham Knights is a game that is nowhere near as bad as many people are making out. Those who have spent some serious time with the game tend to enjoy it. It tells a fun DC story and it lets you play as four characters that do feel different. With the game dropping in price, more people will be getting into the game and for you guys, we have some fun beginner tips and tricks to help you on your quest to save Gotham City!

Go For Your Knighthood!

Moving around Gotham City can be fun, but only once you have your character specific traversal ability. The game makes you wait for this, you are looking at a couple of hours easily before you can finish the Knighthood mission that will give you the character traversal option. From using the glider as Nightwing to jumping around in mid air as Red Hood, these abilities make getting around Gotham not just easier, but way more fun.

Get Rid Of Ranged Enemies ASAP

For the most part, combat in Gotham Knights is very satisfying, it has a kind of old-school beat-em-up vibe about it. However, there is one area of combat that can be very frustrating and that is enemies with guns or Molotov cocktails. These guys need to be taken out as soon as you can! They will constantly bombard you with ranged attacks, stopping your combos and making combat more frustrating than it needs to be. If the drone enemy shows, up add them to the list of enemies you need to take out quickly.

Lucius Fox Will Grant You Fast Travel, Use It!

We just said that traversing Gotham City is a lot of fun, but you will still want to unlock the fast travel as quickly as you can. Eventually, Lucius Fox will pop up, if you talk to him, he will set you off on a new set of objectives where you need to hack drones so you can fast travel. It is worth going around the whole map and unlocking the fast travel locations as soon as they are available. This will make zipping around the map to take on crimes so you can get your resources and XP so much quicker.

Check The Batcomputer Each Night!

Always and we mean always check the Batcomputer when you finish your patrol for the night. As you complete missions, tackle crimes, and find chests, you will get XP, AP, and resources for gear. Each night you should be checking if you have the resources to make new and better gear or if you can use an AP to get a better ability! It can be tempting to get back to the Belfry, talk to who you need to talk to, and go back out to do the next mission. Never do this! Also, be sure to dismantle any obsolete gear that you have, it is doing you no good at all just sitting there!

Always Remember To Interrogate The Bad Guys!

It can be so tempting to just put a beating on all the bad guys, especially when you get into a groove with the fun combat. However, you need to make sure that you are regularly interrogating bad guys as it gives you leads to new crimes and it is those high difficulty crimes you want to make sure you are getting as this is where you always get the best gear. Sometimes you may find that you are taking enemies out with just a few hits when you are stronger. If this is the case, be sure to focus on one enemy at a time, and then when you have one left, hit them with basic and weak attacks so you do not incapacitate them before you can interrogate them!

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