What edition of final fantasy XVI should I buy

Final Fantasy XVI is one of the biggest games of 2023! This PlayStation 5 exclusive is arguably the biggest exclusive that Sony has to offer in 2023 and we now know that June 23rd will be the release date. As you would expect, Final Fantasy XVI is going to have a few different versions for you to choose from and today we are trying to help you decide what edition of Final Fantasy XVI you should buy.

Any Pre-Order Bonuses?

Does any AAA game release these days that does not come with a pre-order incentive? Anyway, we do know that there will be two pre-order bonuses which are,

Gil Boost Accessory: Cait Sith Charm

Bonus Weapon: Braveheart Sword

Final Fantasy XVI Standard Edition

The base version that you can buy is the Final Fantasy XVI Standard Edition. With this, you get the game and the pre-order bonus and that is that. This version of the game is available either digitally or physically.

Final Fantasy XVI Deluxe Edition (Physical)

There is also the Final Fantasy XVI Deluxe Edition which is a physical edition of the game for those of you that want some fun and useful extras with your game. In addition to the game, you get some neat extras here which are,

A Clive Rosfield Steelbook Case

A Cloth Map of Valisthea

Those are some pretty cool physical items and we feel that the cloth map would look amazing in a frame and be an awesome collectible for someone that collects Final Fantasy merch.

Final Fantasy XVI Digital Deluxe Edition

As well as a physical edition offering extras, we do also have the Final Fantasy XVI Digital Deluxe Edition. As you have guessed, this is digital only and with this, you get a bunch of digital bonuses. Included with the Final Fantasy XVI Digital Deluxe Edition are the following items.

A Digital Artbook

A Digital Soundtrack

An extra pre-order item, Experience Boost Accessory: Scholar’s Spectacle

These are some cool digital extras, although we do feel this could have been thrown in the physical deluxe edition as well.

Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition

Square Enix loves a collectors edition and the Final Fantasy XVI Collectors Edition is pretty spectacular. This is very limited and it went on sale on December 12th and chances are it will not be available much longer after this! It comes with some fantastic Final Fantasy collectibles which are,

A Large Collectors Box That All Comes Packaged In

Ifrit vs Phoenix Statue, this thing is epic and the main collectible in the set

A Collection Of Eight Pins

A Clive Rosfield Steelbook Case

A Cloth Map of Valisthea

Blood Sword (this is an in game weapon)

While it may be expensive, there is no denying that the Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition is very cool!

What Is The Best Edition Of Final Fantasy XVI?

To be honest with you, it all depends on how big of a fan of the series you are. If you just want to play the game because you think the trailer is cool, just go for the Final Fantasy XVI Standard Edition. However, if you are a fan and love your Final Fantasy collectibles, the cloth map you get with the Deluxe Edition really is something special. Likewise, the content you get with the Digital Deluxe Edition could be great too. As far as the Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition goes, it is certainly spectacular, but this is for hardcore fans only. However, we will say if you like it, pull the trigger on it sooner than later as this thing is sure to skyrocket in price.

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