5 beginners Guides tips for mastering the business minigame in Yakuza like a dragon

Yakuza Like A Dragon was a smash hit and a breath of fresh air for the franchise. Putting a JRPG spin on the series was a brave move, but they absolutely nailed it. Like other Yakuza games, you have many side quests, mini-games, and activities to do that can make you money. One, in particular, is the business minigame and that is what we are looking at today with 5 beginner tips for mastering the business minigame in Yakuza Like A Dragon.

With Yakuza like a dragon hitting game pass, its recent venture onto PS5 and Xbox Series and just more and more people playing this awesome game I wanted to take my previous tips and trick video which I made for this game a little further and dive into the business management mini-game as to me this was the best way that I made the most money in the game. Before I dive into the 5 tips that I have I just wanted to point out the locations as when I first played the game I couldn’t remember where the second location once you advance in the game was located.  The first spot is in the Commercial district inside of Inchiban confections. Once you move to the second office this is actually located in China Town is located by Pier street or Gull alley. Might seem common knowledge but trust me I spent around 40 minutes after I resumed to the normal game trying to figure out where this new office was located as I didn’t notice it marked in the location list or to be fair I forgot what the building was called at the time.

Knowing What The Most Profitable Properties Are

Each rank opens up more properties that you can invest in, but as there are so many it can be hard to know what ones are best. For rank 200 to 151 you are best investing in Ichiban Confectionary. Rank 100 to 51 you want to invest in Yokodo Bookstore. Rank 50 to 21 you want to try and invest in three, these are White Flag, Cat’s Servant, and Karaoke GonGon. Rank 20 to 11, Shokichi Camera or PDCA Trading Company. Rank 10 to 1 Dianthus.

Keeping Your Employees Happy

The shareholder meetings are important. Taking care of your employees is a vital part of this and you can check what their needs are in the menu. There is an auto care option that you can turn on which will do things automatically, but you can also go into this and take care of them manually which can save you a little bit of money.

Understanding The Colors

Think of your employees as “units”. Each one has a color next to them and this is important. There is red, green and blue. Some are stronger when dealing with others. Think of it like a flow chart that goes like this green – blue – red. So green is better than blue, blue better than red and so on. Knowing this is important when you are dealing with an unhappy shareholder as it makes it much easier to deal damage to them. It takes a little while, but eventually, you know what color unit is best to use for each situation. As a tip I literally just hit pause just to make sure I select the correct employee to fight against a specific stakeholder. This tactic pretty much ensures victory all the time for me.

High Charisma Is The Way To Go

You can hire many different employees in the Yakuza Like A Dragon business minigame, but there is a bit of strategy to it. Charisma is the main stat that you want to look for and you should be making sure that those you hire are rated of 500 or higher for charisma. It is also worth looking at their command cost to and if you can get the perfect blend of high charisma and low command cost, you have an absolute winner there!

Make Sure To Level Up Your Employees

Leveling up your employees is very important, especially as you get closer to the end game. the way that you improve your employees is by promoting them and you want to try and get them to level 30 before you are rank 20. If you do this then you are going to have a much easier time when you are in meetings with hostile shareholders!

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