What edition of Hi-Fi Rush should I buy?

Hi-Fi Rush is an awesome rhythm based action game that was released on Xbox all the way back in January 2023. It was shown off and then surprise released on the same day. It is a super fun game with a cool story, a rocking soundtrack, and some very addictive rhythm based hack and slash combat. It had been an Xbox console (as well as being on PC) exclusive for over a year, but now Hi-Fi Rush is becoming multiplatform and that is what we are looking at today.

There are a couple of different editions of Hi-Fi Rush and we are seeing which one is right for you to rock out with! 

When Is It Out & What Is It On?

If you are on Xbox or PC, Hi-Fi Rush is already available now. However, on March 19th, 2024 Bethesda will release the game for PlayStation 5! It has also been heavily rumored that Hi-Fi Rush will come to the Nintendo Switch, but as of writing, that has not been confirmed, there are even some saying that it could be a Nintendo Switch 2 or whatever Nintendo’s new console will be called game. 

Is There A Pre-Order Bonus?

The only pre-order bonus for Hi-Fi Rush is if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Those who are will save 10 percent off the game’s price if they purchase the game before the March 19th release date. 

Hi-Fi Rush Standard Edition

Those who just want to get in on the base thumping action will want to check out the Hi-Fi Rush Standard Edition. This is priced at $29,99/£27,99, but if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber and pre-order the game, you will get it for  $26,99/£25,19. It may not sound like a big saving, but if you are already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, it is better than nothing and you can use those couple of bucks to put into your next PlayStation Plus subscription so it really is a win/win situation if you are already a subscriber!

Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Edition

The other version that is going to be available is the Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Edition. This has an RRP of $39,99/£37,99, but if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber and pre-order you will get it for $35,99/£34,19. It comes with a bunch of fun cosmetics that can let Chai look even more like a rockstar!

Two Chai Outfits

Five Bonus Chai T-Shirts

808 Themed Guitar Skin

808 Alternative Skin

Gears Starter Pack (20,000 Gears)

We think that the asking price here is very fair, you not only get some cool cosmetics to wear, but those 20,000 gears are going to get you off to a great start. 

Hi-Fi Rush Limited Run Games Physical Edition

Ok, so as of writing, we know that Limited Run Games are going to be handling the physical release of Hi-Fi Rush and that they are going to have physical versions for both PlayStation and Xbox. We have heard that there will be multiple editions and as this is Limited Run Games that is to be expected. They tend to have cool collectors editions so we are excited to see what the Hi-Fi Rush Limited Run Games physical editions will be, however right now as we write this, they have not been announced. 

What Edition Of Hi-Fi Rush Should I Buy?

If you just want to play the game after seeing Xbox and PC gamers talking about it for over a year, we feel that the RRP for the Hi-Fi Rush Standard Edition is fantastic! Getting a game of this quality for that price is crazy. If you love the whole vibe of the game, the cosmetics you get with the Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Edition are cool and quite fairly priced. Now, if you have any feeling that you want a physical copy of Hi-Fir Rush. We highly recommend you hold off pre-ordering until the Hi-Fi Rush Limited Run Games physical editions have been revealed. 

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