Sony’s State Of Play Highlights

Sony produced their first State of Play event of the year and pretty much everything that was leaked was part of the show. There were some pretty big announcements here so we are taking a look at some of the big games that were announced during the event. 

Death Stranding 2: On The Beach!

We all knew that there was a second Death Stranding game coming, but we now know that it has a subtitle, On the Beach. Norman Reedus is returning as Sam Porter Bridges and it looks like he has a new evil group to deal with in Drawbridge. The trailer has that cinematic flair you expect from Hideo Kojima and if you enjoyed the first game, there was certainly a great deal to get you excited here. 

Kojima Has More In Store For PlayStation With New IP! 

It was awesome to see the man himself pop up on screen! Rather than just talk about Death Stranding 2: On The Beach, Kojima teased PlayStation fans big time! He revealed that he is working on a brand new IP for PlayStation and that it is going to be an action/espionage style of game, something that he knows very well! 

Rise of the Ronin Looks Awesome!

Rise of the Ronin is the upcoming action game from Team Ninja and there was a fairly big showcase of it at the State of Play. The traversal looks so much fun, from gliding over the city to riding a horse. It looked a bit like a mixture of what we see in the Arkham games and Assassins Creed. They also showed off some of the one-on-one combat that looked fun and also very skill based. Rise of the Ronin is scheduled for a March 22nd release. 

Sonic X Shadow Generations Is Real

Before the State of Play, Sonic X Shadow was blowing up over social media and it is all real! Sonic Generations was a fantastic game released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It mixes modern and classic Sonic and is regarded as one of the best Sonic games. This new version features all the action from the original but brings Shadow the Hedgehog into the mix. Shadow will have his own story mode to play through that is going to dive into his origins and flesh his character out. Fall is the expected release window for this. 

Until Dawn Is Coming To PS5 and PC

Until Dawn is a tremendous horror game that is all about making choices and then having to deal with the consequences of those choices. It was already a fantastic looking game when it was released on the PlayStation 4. However, it has been reworked for the PlayStation 5 to make it an even more cinematic experience. It is debatable if this needed the “remaster” treatment, but it is a fantastic game and enhanced visuals may make it even more immersive!

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gets A New Trailer

Capcom showed off a new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2. It featured an awesome dragon riding sequence and the game looks like it is going to be a ton of fun. It looks like it is going to thrust players into the middle of an epic fantasy story. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is scheduled for release on March 22nd

Bioshock Creator Shows Off More Judas!

When people heard that Ken Levine the creator of Bioshock was working on a new game, it got them very excited. At the State of Play, we got the best look at Judas yet, Bioshock in space is what some people are referring to it as. It looks like the game is going to be very story driven and with how good the story in Bioshock was that is very exciting. We also saw a lot of combat, including someone shooting something out of their hand, just like in Bioshock! 

Silent Hill: The Short Message Gets Surprise Drops

Konami appears to be going all in with Silent Hill! Not only did we get a new trailer for Silent Hill 2 that looked way more action packed than the original. They also showed off a new game called Silent Hill: The Short Message, this gave some major P.T vibes and Konami surprised us by revealing that this will not only be free, but it will be available for PlayStation 5 owners to download after the State of Play! 

That is just a few of the highlights that were at this State of Play. There was some other cool stuff too such as new trailers for Foamstars which is launching on PlayStation Plus next week and a new trailer for the badass looking Helldivers 2. It was revealed that V Rising and the very popular Dave the Diver will be coming to PlayStation. Not only is Dave the Diver coming, but he is also bringing some Godzilla DLC with him. PlayStation VR2 also got a little bit of love, most notably with the terror inducing Metro Awakening VR shown off!

Thanks to the leaks, there were not too many surprises at the first State of Play of the year, but there were still lots and lots of cool games showcased here. 

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