5 beginner tips and tricks for River City Girls 2

River City Girls 2 is a prime example of why WayForward is the elite when it comes to retro inspired games! The first game was great, but this sequel builds upon it and is one of the greatest beat-em-ups of all time. Feeling like an evolution of the classic beat-em-ups such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage, River City Girls 2 is just so much fun to play through! We thought that we would help you, fine folks, out today with a few beginner tips and tricks to help you kick some butt and look stylish while doing it!

Understanding How Characters Level Up

As well as the four girls from the first game, River City Girls 2 also gives us two new characters to play as (eventually) and while no doubt you will have that one character you love to play as you may be interested to know about the leveling up system the game has. The characters you do not play as will still level up as you play, but at a third of the rate. This is better than nothing and it does mean that if you do decide to try out a new character at least you will not be starting with them at level 1! Your first goal in the game should be getting your favorite character to level five as quickly as possible.

No Need To Fight Every Enemy?

What? Isn’t this a beat ’em up? Well, you see sometimes in River City Girls 2 you will need to backtrack, and when you do you can be sure there will be a screen full of enemies for you to put a beating on. However, once you have killed all the enemies in the first wave on a screen, newer waves of enemies give you no XP! Making fighting them pointless and a risk of getting killed! You are best just running back to where you need to go, there is no point staying on a screen fighting enemies for ages if it is not getting you anything. Take out the enemies, get your XP and move on!

Master The Parry

Many people are surprised at just how deep the combat system in River City Girls was and the second game is no different. Parrying is an essential skill to learn, but it can be hard to master. When you successfully parry an attack, it leaves the enemy open and you can dish out more damage. The thing is, parrying when you are surrounded by enemies is not always the ideal situation, if you are one on one or have plenty of space, always go for a parry!

Food Glorious Food!

River City Girls 2 has plenty of consumable items for you and the way the game handles them is very interesting. While food gives you stuff like, more health, the first time you use a consumable item, you get a stat boost, for example, the first time you eat a bag of Potato Snaps, as well as getting a quarter of your health back, your attack power will increase by one as well, but next time you eat these, you just get the health boost. It may be tempting to eat your stuff while you are at the store, but you are way better off grabbing it and eating it on the go as you need it. Also, be sure to have plenty of consumables before a big boss fight as these can be super tough!

Kicking Them When They Are Down

Some people may be shocked at just how challenging River City Girls 2 is, especially if they did not play the first game. There are two things that you need to get used to early on, first of all, when you knock an enemy down, get in there and stomp the heck out of them! This is a great way to “safely” dish out some damage quickly. Also, if a weapon shows up on the screen, make it your priority to go and grab it as weapons do some serious damage in this game.

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