5 beginner tips and tricks for Like a dragon Ishin

Like a Dragon: Ishin is one of the biggest games released in the first quarter of 2023. This tremendous remake and latest installment in the Yakuza series takes the action back to ancient Japan and it is an absolute blast to play through. However, like most RPGs, this can be a rather challenging experience. That is why today we are looking at 5 beginner tips and tricks for Like a Dragon: Ishin to help you fellow samurais get on the right track!

Take On Substories When It Is Convenient

There is a ton of content in Like a Dragon: Ishin. Just the main story alone will take you a while, but it is all the substories that really flesh things out. Not only do these make the world seem more alive and also add a bit of wackiness to things. You can also get some good items and virtue for each one that you complete. Substories are all over the map and when you talk to a person with one, you are under no obligation to do it then and there. If you are not up to taking on a 20 plus minute side quest you can say no. The handy thing is, this substory will now be listed on the map so you can come back to it when you want!

Getting What You Want Out Of Substories

We are sticking with substories here as they really are an important part of Like a Dragon: Ishin. Towards the end of the game, you will want to be as strong as possible and have the best gear you can get! A way to achieve this is with the rewards you get for completing substories. You usually can interact and choose what you say to a person in a substory. While this is “fun” it can also dramatically affect what you get as your reward. You can give a serious or a joke answer and each one will result in a different reward so think long and hard about what you say as something cool could depend on it!

Evenly Upgrade Your Styles

Like a Dragon: Ishin has four combat styles for us to choose from. While it is only natural that there will probably be one style you favor over the rest. It is very important to dabble with them all and use them all. You see, the only way you get XP for a style is by actually using it. Each style has its own skill tree and while each skill tree features things that relate to that style. Each style’s skill tree also features stuff that is generally very useful such as health boosts and heat meter boosts. This game can get incredibly challenging so these boosts are kind of essential to give you the best chance of survival during the endgame.

Being A Lover Not A Fighter

As we have said, Like a Dragon: Ishin can be a very challenging game. It can be devastating when you have just finished a battle, have next to no health and you are limping along and then you see another group of enemies coming your way. Well, there is a chance you can make these enemies disappear so you do not have to fight them. If you pray at a Shinto shrine all enemies will disappear from the local area! What if you are not near a Shinto shrine? Well, anytime you pick something up off the ground, enemies will disappear too, thankfully tickets are always around so this is something that is quite possible to do! It can come in really handy if you are in no condition to fight, but it also is handy if you just want to quickly get somewhere on the map without getting into a fight.

Play On The Right Difficulty

We are certainly not going to look down on anyone that decides to play Like a Dragon: Ishin on easy mode. However, the game is actually very generous in the way that it handles its difficulty. Like many Yakuza games, it does get harder as it progresses, but you will be stronger and have more attacks and items at your disposal. However, if you just want to focus on the story and take in the setting without it being too hard, easy mode is for you, it is much more forgiving. On the flip side of this, hard mode packs one hell of a punch right from the start and could be a better experience if you are looking for a more serious kind of challenge!

Those are our 5 beginner tips and tricks for Like a Dragon: Ishin. This is a fantastic game and the best advice we can actually give you is to just have fun with it!

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