Redfall what edition should I buy?

Brought to us by the very talented Arkane Studios that brought us Dishonored and the more recent Deathloop. Redfall is one of the most hyped games of 2023 and is a game that many are hopeful will scratch the itch Left 4 Dead has left for many years, only here we are dealing with vampire type monsters instead of zombies.

Today we are looking at what edition of Redfall you should buy.

What Is It On And When Is It Out?

Redfall will be released on May 2nd and it is only going to be available on Xbox Series (no Xbox One) and PC. While you can buy the game, Redfall will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. Of course, many people are wondering if Redfall will show up on PlayStation. Nothing for definite has been said, but it is very unlikely that it will appear on PlayStation as Microsoft now owns Bethesda. This is actually a major exclusive for Xbox to have in 2023.

Is There A Pre-Order Bonus

As is the case with most big games these days, Redfall does have a pre-order bonus if you pre-order Redfall, you will receive the following items.

Grim Tide Shotgun

Polar Vortex Multi Weapon Skin

Blood Ravager Stake Weapon Attachment

The strange thing here is that you get this stuff if you play this on Game Pass. So, while they are listing this as a pre-order bonus, it does seem like everyone (at least in the early days) will get this pre-order content.

Redfall Standard Edition

The most base version of Redfall is the Redfall Standard Edition and this is priced at $69,99 and £69,99. With this, you get the base version of the game and the “pre-order” content that is available. This is available in both physical and digital so you can have a physical copy for your collection.

Redfall Bite Back Edition  

The most expensive version of Redfall is the Redfall Bite Back Edition. This is priced at $99,99 and £99,98. This is available physically, but the interesting thing is if you buy it digitally, you get the Redfall Standard Edition and then the Bite Back Edition as an upgrade. It is not a big deal, but just worth noting. You get a whole host of items with the Redfall Bite Back Edition, but the only physical item you get is the steelbook case which does look cool.

The Redfall Bite Back Edition comes with the following items,

Redfall game

Redfall Hero Pass which gives you access to two more heroes

Bite Back Physical Patch Throwback Outfit Pack

Laserbeam Multi-Weapon Skin

Tactical Knife Stake Weapon Attachment

Of course, the real draw here is getting access to the Redfall Hero Pass which will give you the two new playable characters.

Which Version Of Redfall Should I Buy?

With the digital and physical versions of Redfall being pretty much the same price (although there are some deals if you shop around) it really comes down to if you need the box or not The Redfall Bite Back Edition is well worth considering if you are sure that you will be all in on this game and want the new characters when they are available. You not only get them but the extra outfits and skins too.

You could always just check it out on Game Pass when Redfall releases on May 2nd and then decide if you want to actually purchase the game.

What do you think?

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