Shin Megami Tensei V Shows Off New Characters & Stat and Skill Building Features

Many people are excited for Atlus to finally release Shin Megami Tensei V this November, but they recently showed off a cool new trailer. To start with, we got to see three brand new characters that will feature in the story. There is Shohei Yakumo who seems very interesting and is sure to stand in the main character’s way, he is a demon hunter and he seems pretty cool. Nuwa, Lady manages to look both sexy and creepy at the same time! She is a goddess from Chinese mythology. Abdiel, Archangel & Bethel’s Deputy Angel Commander looks like an anime Wonder Woman character and she is pretty awesome, she does not mess around and oversees Bethel’s headquarters.

As well as showing off new characters, we got to see a pretty cool stat and skill-building showcase as well. Essences are spiritual entities that have the power of demons and you will find a great deal of this as you explore Da’at. What is neat about this is that they are infused with the skills of the demon that they came from. You can then fuse these with our protagonist and shape his skills to the way that suits your playstyle. It looks like a lot of fun and there are a ton to play around with.

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