Horses Are Taking Over Red Dead Online

This is a lot of fun and sure to put a smile on your face. Red Dead Online has been a huge success for the good folks at Rockstar, but the most recent update has seen things run a little “foal” if you know what we are saying.

The latest Blood Money update to Red Dead Online had many people excited. Adding in some really cool robbery missions that are multi-staged for some extra depth and excitement. The thing is, there is a glitch in this update and it is all about horses!

Players from all over the world have reported that horses are appearing all over the game! They are running around, getting in the way, acting all crazy, and are even just laying around dead! The whole thing has made for some very funny and entertaining videos online and as you would expect Rockstar are working hard to fix it and it very well could be fixed by the time you are reading this! If it has not been fixed, be sure to check it out, there is something very amusing about a bunch of horses running around acting all crazy and the NPCs just not reacting to them at all.

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